5 Best Electric Trucks of 2020

5 Best Electric Trucks of 2020

The market for electric cars is seeing large scale growth. Electric hatchback and hybrid cars have been making inroads into the traditional gas-powered market. However, despite increased eco-friendly awareness, the popularity of pickup trucks has only surged. Naturally, manufacturers are now lining up with all-electric pickup trucks for the market. Listed below are some of the most efficient green options for pickup trucks.

Tesla Cybertruck
The Tesla Cybertruck is a gamechanger and not just because it is an electric vehicle. This design has made people rethink their preconceived ideas about how a vehicle should look. The radical design, which is all straight lines, has drawn extreme reactions from people worldwide. From love to extreme amusement, the stir created by this truck did not stop the orders from pouring in.

The Cybertruck is not only a highly capable pickup that has an excellent hauling capacity, but it also promises a range of 500 miles on a single charge. Its performance figures and air suspension promise to make it a vehicle that will deliver on performance as well as practicality. The stainless steel exterior is also said to be dent, scratch, and bulletproof. The Cybertruck is also designed to be fun to drive, and its agility is said to rival that of a sports car.

Rivian R1T
While not as radical as the Tesla Cybertruck, the Rivian R1T is certainly an eye-catching vehicle. Its exterior is a nod to both the traditional and modern pickup truck aesthetic. Rivian, a startup company, is planning to launch its all-electric pickup trucks this year. The R1T is a mid-sized truck that will be available in a choice of towing abilities and batteries. The trucks will all come with air suspension, good towing capacity, and plenty of tech. The company also states that the trucks will have sportscar like performance coupled with good pickup-like towing ability. The truck is spacious and also has plenty of space to carry cargo, making it one of the most wanted green options for pickup trucks.

Bollinger B2
The Bollinger B2 is a pickup truck whose design and features make it stand out. Though its exterior is not as radical as the Tesla, it has plenty of features such as a rear tailgate as well as one in the front. It also has excellent off-roading capabilities as well as high-performance figures on the highway. What lets it down when compared to the other green options for pickup trucks is the lower range it offers per charge.

Electric Ford F-150
Ford’s pickup trucks are among the best selling in the country and top almost every list of pickup trucks whether they are judged on performance, towing ability, or fuel economy. The electric version of their pickup trucks is sure to benefit from the company’s history of creating the most iconic pickup trucks. Though there have not been any details revealed about the electric pickup truck, there is much excitement and curiosity about it.